Chase Integrated Payments Statement of Disclosure

The below transaction fees apply to Canadian merchants processing payments on Chase Integrated Payments powered by WePay and

Fees Disclosure Box
Payment Card Type
(These are the most common domestically issued card types and processing methods. They do not represent all the possible fees and variations that are charged to the merchants.)
Processing Method: Card Not Present
(Means that the card/device was not electronically read. Generally, the card information is manually key-entered, e.g. online payment)
Visa Consumer Credit 2.9% + CA$0.25
Visa Infinite 2.9% + CA$0.25
Visa Infinite Privilege 2.9% + CA$0.25
Visa Business 2.9% + CA$0.25
Visa Business Premium 2.9% + CA$0.25
Visa Corporate 2.9% + CA$0.25
Visa Prepaid 2.9% + CA$0.25
Visa Debit 2.9% + CA$0.25
MasterCard Consumer Credit 2.9% + CA$0.25
MasterCard World 2.9% + CA$0.25
MasterCard World Elite 2.9% + CA$0.25
MasterCard Business/Corporate 2.9% + CA$0.25
MasterCard Debit 2.9% + CA$0.25
MasterCard Prepaid 2.9% + CA$0.25
American Express 2.9% + CA$0.25
Other Fees Disclosure Box
Chargeback CA$15.00