How WePay reconciles transactions accurately at scale

WePay Staff

Payments Expert

Tracking payment transactions, as they flow through our systems at huge volume, is one of the most important tasks that WePay’s systems have to handle. Not only do we have to correctly enact any transaction, we also have to be able to prove we did it, and provide evidence that all the right events occurred along the way – for every single one of the millions of transactions that we process.

Doing this correctly and reconciling all the tracking systems so that they are in synch and accurately reflect reality at the tremendous scale at which WePay operates is the responsibility of our engineering organization and they recently posted a blog post demonstrating just how well they do this. Balancing the Books at Scale is a post by Asa Witt, one of our Senior Software Engineers, that discusses the basics of our operation and how we are able to safely handle our customer’s transactions.