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WePay had a chance to talk to Dave Charest, Director of Content Marketing for Constant Contact, one of our long-standing customers, about what they do, how they help customers and how payments fits into that. 

WePay: Can you tell us about ConstantContact - what it does and for whom, how it came to be, what makes it so special?

Dave Charest: For more than 20 years Constant Contact has been serving small businesses, first with email marketing and now with a complete online marketing platform that includes a website builder, logo creator, e-commerce capabilities, and of course, payments processing. I’d say what makes us so special is that we don’t expect our customers to do it alone. Our team of marketing advisors knows marketing inside and out, with expertise in specific industries like real estate and fitness, and they provide our customers with practical advice through every step of the marketing process.  Our customer service team has won countless awards and I can’t begin to convey how important their expertise and insights have been to our customers’ success. 

WePay: Can you give us an example of how a customer has benefited?

DC: Leading up to this past holiday season, our team had the pleasure of working with a customer, Dawn Noble. She owns La Provence, a store that imports beautiful household gift items from France. She has a loyal following, but Dawn was looking to expand her client base in time to capture more business during the all-important holiday season. 

Dawn had been successfully using Constant Contact for email marketing, but she was using an old website that was not mobile responsive, nor was it designed to handle robust e-commerce. With help from our marketing advisors, she migrated her old website to Constant Contact’s new website builder platform and the results were transformative. Not only does her new mobile-friendly website look fresh, but it’s also easy for customers to navigate, find what they’re looking for, and make a purchase. 

The results show what a well-designed website can do for a small business. Now 70% of La Provence traffic comes from mobile devices, which is a big deal. Prior to the new website, online revenue accounted for about 8% of Dawn’s overall business. In December 2019, La Provence’s online sales increased by 25% YoY. Dawn also saw an 18% increase in her YoY in-store sales. It’s successes like these that get the Constant Contact team so excited about how we’re helping small businesses. 

WePay: Can you tell us about the experience and results of working with WePay? What in particular is WePay helping you with?

DC: Our product has been integrated with WePay for years. It is an easy and seamless way for our customers to collect payments for donations and events from within our product. The WePay team has been a pleasure to work with, always ready to troubleshoot an issue or brainstorm on new ways to work together.   

WePay:  What inspires you?

DC: Small business owners. Before I started working for Constant Contact, I had my own business and quickly realized that, although I was good at what I did, I was horrible at running the business side of things. And so I’m always inspired by those who make it work. I’m constantly grateful for the opportunity to help them with their marketing efforts. 

Given the turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to offer small businesses, not just the right tools, but also the kind of one-on-one support that will help them through. And that’s what the entire Constant Contact team focuses on doing. 

If you would like to find out more about the kind of help WePay is giving to Constant Contact with payments, click here.