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Ecommerce platform taps into WePay’s innovative payments solutions, providing one-click sign-up for its merchants

  • Ecommerce platform
  • Over 1 million users worldwide
  • Serves wide range of industries

Through WePay and Chase, Ecwid added payment processing capabilities to their platform with a one-click payments sign-up.


As one of the world’s leading ecommerce software providers, Ecwid helps small businesses effortlessly create online stores, so they can start selling fast. With Ecwid, merchants are equipped to market on several platforms, making it a straightforward process to sell to anyone, anywhere around the world.

Ecwid recognized that payment acceptance had become too challenging for its customers. Enter WePay: its solutions for seamless financial experiences that help platforms win and retain loyal customers could resolve this pain point for Ecwid’s merchants. That’s why Ecwid chose WePay powered by Chase.

WePay not only offered all the necessary tools and features, but also the partnership capabilities and personalized assistance that Ecwid needed to deliver at scale. WePay is committed to building long-term partnerships, providing hands-on support and adding new features throughout the lifetime of those partnerships. “The partnership with WePay has been fantastic. We had all the various cross-functional teams working together to launch the product.”

As a pioneer in payments since 2008, WePay provides best-in-class integrated payment processing solutions to support companies like Ecwid seeking a frictionless user experience. Ecwid was able to provide a one-click sign-up for its merchants. “We released and enabled this feature to our customers, and we did not anticipate the kind of response that we have had. The payment volume has been phenomenally high and unexpectedly high, so overall, it has been extremely positive.”

WePay focuses on payments so you can focus on your business. Outpace the competition by partnering with WePay, a team that moves fast in building payments innovation.

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