WePay enables MyStudio merchants to process payments, like gym memberships, retail, and class sign-ups, through comprehensive software.

Business overview
  • $30,000,000+ processed monthly
  • Trusted by 2000+ membership-based businesses
  • 500,000+ end users
Solution offered

Together, WePay by J.P. Morgan and MyStudio provide a flexible, robust membership-based management platform and a fully integrated payments experience, simplifying the way fitness professionals buy and sell in-studio and online.



MyStudio is a straightforward membership-based management platform with features that allow fitness studios to buy and sell to customers anytime, anywhere. Since 2018, their mobile-first registration and communication software has simplified event management, trials, products, memberships, and more to help merchants get the most from their business.

“WePay was the only one that was on the phone. They quickly reached back, and the agreement was simple enough for me from the start. I love that they give you tiers for you. So as your company grows, they’re going to share more profit with you. That’s what WePay does.”

Tu Le, founder of MyStudio

The Challenge

To continue its mission of delivering convenient, straightforward software to thousands of membership-based businesses, MyStudio needed more than just innovative capabilities to process payments. They needed a reliable partner with industry-leading expertise, comprehensive solutions, and personalized customer support. They needed WePay, by J.P. Morgan.

The Solution

MyStudio needed a fully integrated payments solution that let business owners buy and sell products and services on their platform without having to go anywhere else, and they found that with WePay Clear.

WePay’s blended rate helped MyStudio simplify and position processing rates to their clients. “I can clearly talk to my customers and tell them exactly what it’s going to cost them to process payments with our platform.”

MyStudio relies on one of the cornerstones of WePay, by J.P. Morgan: easy-to-reach, dedicated, and personalized support. “I can e-mail leadership, and they will get back to me right away.”

“You’re not just another cog in the system. They want to grow at WePay and value you as a partner.”

Tu Le, founder of MyStudio

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