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Platform payments for beginners


Explore Integrated Payments

Most platform businesses are moving rapidly toward integrated payments, where the process of accepting payment is integrated into the transaction flow and doesn’t require stepping outside of the platform itself. Find out how to get started in this basic outline.


Payments Basics

This whitepaper outlines the basics of how payments systems operate for those new to the field. It is a great place to start as you investigate payment providers and the services they offer.


A Cheat Sheet for Integrated Payments Planning

If you need to get started with integrated payments as quickly as possible, this short guide will get you up to speed quickly.

Integrated payments


Explore Merchant Support

Good customer support represents the investment in the relationship between your business and customers. There are a number of issues around support for payments systems that will matter to you as you make a payments provider decision, especially given the need to support your merchant customers and their customers as well. This quick reference should help you get started on understanding the topic.


Customized User Experience (UX and White-Label)

The issues around custom integrated payments range from the end-user experience to the merchant experience to the level of branding you want from sign up to settlement in the payment experience. Each choice can have trade-offs you need to consider carefully.


mPOS Solutions

There are a lot of things to consider when you want to offer an mPOS solution to your merchants. From building your own solution to buying off-the-shelf and everything in between, the ramifications can be important for your business.



When you start out with integrated payments, one of your concerns will be onboarding and how to build the optimal onboarding experience for your customers. This introduction to the topic will get you started understanding the issues around one of the critical implementation points for your payment solution.


Payments for Crowdfunding

Providing a payment solution for crowdfunding has some special challenges that aren't immediately obvious. As you choose the right payment provider for your crowdfunding solution, it is important to understand these issues.



Chargebacks are one of the thorniest issues when providing payments. To understand the issues and help you grasp your potential liability for them, or the ramifications of passing them on to your merchants, we prepared this simple reference guide to the issues.

Fraud And Risk


Fraud and Platform Fraud Overview

Fraud is an obvious concern when you start out with payments. This simple reference outlines the core fraud issues you should think about when you are preparing to roll out your payment solution and includes consideration of both payer and merchant fraud issues.


PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that all platforms that process, store, or transmit credit card information protect cardholder data. All of these platforms are required to be compliant with PCI DSS. Find out what this issue means to you as you start to accept payments.


Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance refers to the laws and regulations that cover accepting payments that the parties involved muct comply with. These include Anti-Money Laundering and economic sanctions and terrorist financing regulations. Find out your responsibilities if you start accepting payments.



The Cost of Payment Facilitation

Payment facilitation is a complex topic and raises a number of more complicated issues than simply starting to take payments with someone else's help. But it does have advantages. This whitepaper takes a level-headed look at the pros and cons of Payment Facilitation to help you decide if it is right for you.


Payments Ecosystem

Who are all the different players in payments and what are their roles? This quick reference guide outlines all the different operators at every stage of a transaction and what their roles are.


Payment Processor Sample RFP

This sample RFP can be used as a template for your decision making around choosing a payment provider. It is comprehensive and outlines all the questions and issues you will have in making your decision. It is a partner document to the Payment Processor Buyers Guide.


WePay Payments Glossary

Confused about the specialized terms and language used in the payments industry? The WePayPayments Glossary has you covered from Account Takeover to Void.


Platform Payments 101

Your service connects buyers and sellers, and you want to learn more about payments, how they work and the implications of providing payments to your customers. WePay's Platform Payments 101 is written to help you discover the realities of facilitating payments on your platform and all the nuances that can occur.