Take advantage of $25,000 cash bonus, excusively available for The Fund’s portfolio companies

Scale your business faster by integrating WePay’s payments solution backed by JPMorgan Chase

Exclusive offer for The Fund’s companies

  • $25,000 cash incentive toward development costs for Clear
  • No processing fees for the first $75K processed by your customers to help you acquire more of them
  • Preferred pricing structure that allows you to better monetize payments

Our payments APIs power solutions for companies of all types and sizes

Our seamless and secure payment solutions help your business grow, diversify revenue and create custom payment experiences

  • Our APIs developer tools and personalized support make integration simple
  • Merchants can start accepting credit card payments in just a few clicks with instant onboarding
  • We bring you peace of mind knowing JPMorgan Chase manages compliance and assumes risk
  • Our omnichannel payment solutions can keep pace with your company’s growth

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Terms and Conditions

This exclusive offer is not available in all jurisdictions, subject to qualification, the terms and condition of WePay’s agreement(s), presenting WePay’s payment solution as The Fund’s portfolio companies' exclusive payment product, and any applicable law and/or regulation. The $25,000 cash incentive shall be payable upon The Fund’s portfolio companies' execution of all required agreement(s) with WePay, subject to The Fund’s portfolio companies fully completing the integration and certification requirements as further described in the agreement(s), and can only be applied toward the development costs for certain WePay product offerings. If The Fund’s portfolio companies are unable to or fail to fully complete the integration and certification requirements in five months from the contract signature, then The Fund’s portfolio companies agree that the $25,000 cash incentive paid to The Fund’s portfolio companies must be returned to WePay immediately and in its entirety. The Fund’s portfolio companies acknowledge and agree that the $75k processing fees credit will be applied to all of The Fund’s portfolio companies’ customers in aggregate and shall not apply to each customer The Fund’s portfolio companies onboards. Furthermore, The Fund’s portfolio companies acknowledge and agree that a preferred pricing structure may not be available to them and qualification for a preferred pricing structure shall be determined in WePay’s sole discretion. This exclusive offer is subject to additional terms and conditions.