Build better experiences for merchants, payers, and yourself

Better merchant experiences

  • Flexible, low-friction sign-up with less data required up front
  • Fully integrated, user friendly payments workflow
  • Powerful fraud protection leads to fewer chargeback disputes
  • Faster, more responsive support — tier 1, tier 2, self-service, human operator

Better payer experiences

  • More payments options: all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express+ direct bank transfer
  • Payments status alerts and notifications
  • Fraud detection — fewer fraudulent merchants leads to greater trust
  • Integrated UX leads to greater than 94 percent checkout conversion rate

Better experiences for you

  • Full business reporting: costs, performance, transaction level data
  • Full implementation support and a shorter go-to-market window
  • Tier 2 support from our award-winning Customer Delight team
  • Dedicated account managers available for clients above X in monthly volume

Payments Processing

Our API provides functionality for every user interaction where money is involved.

  • Accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.
  • ACH Payments: Direct bank transfers with lower fees and no transaction size limits
  • More: Recurring payments, tipping point payments, and multi-party payouts

Customized risk for your platform

Not every platform's risk needs are the same. That’s why our risk management system is customizable. Pass whatever data you know about your users with our innovative Risk API, and we’ll use it to make better risk decisions. That means a higher fraud catch rate with fewer false positives.

Custom UX

Our payments system is customizable to match your desired user experience. Whenever a user interacts with WePay, you control what that interaction looks and feels like.

Customization options available:

  • New merchant onboarding
  • Checkout forms
  • Confirmation emails
  • Customer support emails
  • Credit card statements
  • Mobile transactions

User Onboarding Merchants

  • Instant onboarding: Board new merchants with less information upfront
  • Easy account provisioning: Create merchant accounts automatically behind the scenes
  • KYC API: Quickly gather required user data on your own terms

Mobile point of sale solution

WePay enables you to launch your own mobile card reader program — one that fully integrates with your platform and keeps your brand front and center.

  • Customizable EMV-enabled readers: Card readers support chip and traditional magstripe card payments
  • iOS and Android mobile SDKs: Embed payment functionality into your branded mobile app
  • Fulfillment API: Card readers ship from our warehouse directly to your users

Funds Settlement

  • Settle to bank account
  • Settle on a schedule, or as payments are made
  • Settle funds by check — automatically generate, print and mail paper checks to merchants.

Transaction-level reporting

Some payments processors can only tell you when a card has been declined, but not how or why. WePay is different. Our transaction-level reporting gives you granular data about how money is moving through your platform.

Modern development tools

WePay is easy for developers to work with:

  • RESTful API
  • Extensive documentation
  • SDKs for PHP, Ruby, Python, NodeJS, Java, and many more
  • Mobile SDKs to simplify app development


WePay offers your platform world-class payment security features without additional overhead.

  • Highest level of PCI security
  • Tokenization for card data
  • Multi-factor authentication


Compliance with payments regulations can be tough, but WePay makes it easy.

  • No need for a money transmitter licenses
  • WePay prints and mails required tax documents to merchants (1099-K)
  • We monitor all transactions to ensure compliance with OFAC and other regulation

WePay provides functionality for everything your platform needs related to payments. And we do it in a way that's completely free of risk, easily.

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