A white label solution to power your payments business.


Optimize Experience

Integrate payments into your application, and control every aspect of the user experience.

Minimize Overhead

WePay manages risk, compliance, and merchant payouts from behind-the-scenes.

Maximize Margin

WePay offers you a simple, transparent buy rate, while giving you control of merchant pricing.

Deliver a seamless experience on your platform

Seamlessly integrate payments into your application; we’ll support you from behind-the-scenes.

Instant Onboarding

Integrate onboarding requirements into your existing sign-up flow.

Same-Day Deposits

Same-Day Deposits are available to eligible merchants of software platforms with a 5 PM PT cut-off time for payments processed on WePay. Merchants must deposit into a single Chase bank account. Payments approved by 5 PM PT are eligible. All transactions are subject to WePay terms of service and exclusions therein, including risk assessment and fraud monitoring, which may result in delays. Funds are deposited on business days, excluding weekends and bank holidays. Available in the U.S. only. Contact for more information.

Merchants with a Chase bank account can receive same-day deposits, at no additional cost.

Integrated Reporting

Integrate payment data into your existing user experience.

Your front-end, our back office

Build the end-to-end user experience, while we handle risk, compliance, payments, and payouts behind the scenes.

Fully functional feature set


  • Instant Onboarding
  • Deferred KYC
  • Referrals from Chase
  • Canada support


  • Credit, Debit, e-check
  • Digital Wallets
  • Card Present Solutions
  • Account updater
  • Multiple Payment Capture Methods
  • Easy PCI-DSS Compliance
  • Card Vault / Tokenization


  • Same-Day Deposits
  • Payment to Payout Reconciliation

Portfolio Management

  • Earnings & Performance Reporting
  • Merchant Support Tools
  • Terminal Management
  • Account History

Risk & Compliance

  • Custom Risk Management
  • Loss Protection
  • AML / KYC Checks
  • 1099-K Management

Complete control of the user experience


Build your own checkout form, or customize our iframe

var options = {
    'styles' :  
WePay.createCreditCardIframe("iframe-id" options);

Build a progressive onboarding experience

United States


Collect your first payment

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    country: “US”

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