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A great partnership where we both learned things from each other and achieved a completely satisfactory payments result.


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Buildertrend: The #1 Software for Home Builders and Remodelers

Buildertrend brings the building world together in one powerful cloud system. As the leading platform for home builders & remodelers, Buildertrend integrates payments so users can get paid within their go-to app. Find out how Buildertrend increased its payment volume by partnering with WePay.

Buildertrend - A payments journey

We sell software to the construction industry, so most of our clients range from residential contractors, home builders, remodelers, home improvement contractors, the guy that comes and fixes your fence, the guy put your roof on your house, that's our client base and it’s a huge market and it's a global market for us.

Be great at what you’re great at, because if you kind of get sidetracked by everything else you’re just going to be really average. So we know what we're great at, and so these other things like payments, and you know accounting software for example, we're trying to find the best and breed partners out there in the marketplace.

Our SaaS solution, you know there was money, but there wasn't real money being passed back and forth between either the consumer and the business, or the business-to-business so you could see the approvals through our system but there was real no transactions. So we found WePay a couple years ago and that's really how we started really providing platform for payments in our system so it's been a great partnership and I think something our customers absolutely love.

I think for us, you know partnerships are really unique and it's like a bit like a marriage in some ways, and so you want to be able to look across the table to your partner and know that, you gotta find out why they're successful and what's going to make them successful, and they need to know the same about your business. And so I think when WePay came to the door and we had our meeting with WePay, it felt good you know? I mean I think sometimes you make these decisions based on like how your gut instincts feel about these guys, and so it's been a great partnership and we've learned things from each other, we’ve made mistakes, but overall I mean it's been a good partnership, and we’re trying to achieve the same thing.

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